Project Description

Most tilt up concrete buildings are associated with a type of commercial look that is commonplace in an industrial park or warehouse district. Not the case of this specialty niche application. Winner of an American Institute of Architects Honor Award and the 2008 Washington Concrete and Aggregate Association ‘s Grand Award, this winery takes ad-vantage of tilt up concrete technology, but avoids an industrial appearance. The building’s design allows it to perform a dual function as a commercial venue and as a production facility. With the tasting room overlooking the aging and fermentation area, Novelty Hill Januik Winery visitors share in the experience of wine making as they are sampling it. Using aligned concrete tilt panels for the walls followed the linear themed rows of grapes growing, and rows of tanks in a winery. The thermal mass of the concrete walls is a built in energy saver for the owner. In order to maximize the thermal mass effect of the concrete, the panels were cast with a two inch layer of rigid insulation within. This process provides an outer layer of concrete to resist the elements and an inner layer that meets the structural requirements, providing the thermal mass to maintain the temperature stability that is necessary for the wine making process and subsequent storage.

When tilted up, the walls appear stripped down to their function of holding up the building. In contrast to these concrete walls, perpendicular infill walls are composed of slatted wood and colored resin, lending warmth and lightness to the in-between spaces. Each panel is capped with a decorative covering. On the interior, the exposed concrete walls combine a clean look with durability. As this acility processes wine, the traffic flow of materials in and out creates the potential for forklift damage; concrete walls can stand up to these demands, while maintaining a clean, uncluttered, food grade appearance. Concrete is also used for the exterior surfaces. The concrete walls of the building move out into the garden, holding up the ground and defining rooms outside. The concrete panels framing the courtyard also serve as retaining walls for the terraced areas that form the entry. Reflectivity of the concrete slabs contributes to the shadowing and daylighting that give the interior a welcoming feel.

Project Scope

Prime Contractor: Walsh Construction

Concrete Subcontractor: SAK Construction

Architect: Mithun Architects

Engineer: II Gros

Owner: Novelty Hill Januik Winery, Woodinville, WA