Project Description

Energy giant, Exxon/Mobil Corporation, “strives for an incident-free workplace and a culture that complies with a clear and simple objective: Nobody Gets Hurt”.
This policy carries over to its construction activities where it employs stringent safety guidelines at all facilities, including a mandate for the use of vendors, contractors and suppliers with exemplary records. When planning began for the installation of a new electro-static precipitator unit at the Torrance, California facility, it was determined that the selection of the contractor and ready mixed concrete supplier would be predicated upon a demonstrated safety philosophy matching that of the owner.

This factor was singularly responsible for the selection of CalPortland, a major building materials manufacturer and construction solutions provider with safety consciousness bred in their corporate culture, as a ready mix supplier. Primarily because of its Zero Accidents for Life and other educational programs, regular safety meetings, and random drug & alcohol testing, the corporation and its growing family of companies is uniquely qualified for demanding safety criterion and this factor was pivotal in that award of the 5,500 cubic yard project. The company’s mixer fleet is also among the newest in the industry and all equipment is maintained to the highest state of safety readiness. Many may boast of safety record that is second to none, but in the insurance world, the proof is in their “experience modifier” (mod)*. CalPortland’s insurer is Marsh, the world’s leading insurance broker and risk advisor, who points out that at a mod of .62 (where the “unity” average is represented as 1.0), CalPortland is an industry leader and among the safest companies of any kind. Additionally, a member of the company management team and on-site technical support were present for all major concrete placements. The result was a safe and successful job completion by a job team that never lost sight of the goal: to have all team members return home at the end of the day as safe and healthy as when they left.

* Experience modifier (mod) is a multiplier applied to an insurance premium that provides and incentive for loss prevention. It represents either a credit or debit that is applied to that premium. If the loss experience is more costly on the average than other companies within the same industry, the result is a debit mod or surcharge. The opposite applies for companies with a less costly loss experience.

Project Scope

Owner: ExxonMobil Corporation

Architect/Engineer: Jacobs Engineering Group, Inc.

General Contractor: The Industrial Company

Subcontractor: The Industrial Company