CalPortland understands the importance of providing sustainable construction solutions for the built environment. With a rich history of innovation for over 125 years, we understand that building for the future must combine sustainability with resilience. Therefore, we advocate for the future built environment to be designed through use of sustainable construction materials and managed resilient construction codes and practices that yield the least possible environmental impact yet return unmatched durability, safety and performance.

The use of science-based research must drive innovation and deliver long-term positive results in developing the next generation of sustainable building materials with a lower environmental footprint that is central to the operation of the global circular economy of sustainable/resilient design, construction, operation, disassembly not demolition, reuse and recycle. The way our society chooses to address its challenges will end up transforming the way that we all will live.

The cement and concrete industries have much to offer in terms of helping the world achieve its environmental greenhouse gas reduction and circular economy goals. Please browse the different options below for more information on these selected elements of sustainability.

"Sustainability means meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs."