Plastic Cement

Plastic cement is a specialty cement manufactured at CalPortland's Oro Grande plant particularly for plaster and stucco applications. Plastic cement is interground with plasticizing agents designed to enhance the desirable properties of portland cement - based plaster.

A few of the properties necessary for performance of a cement plaster product are adhesion (the ability to stick to a substrate), cohesion (the ability to resist sagging and delami­nation) and workability (the ability to place, shape, and work the material).

What Are The Benefits of Plastic Cement?

Plastic cement is specifically formulated for use in most types of plaster and stucco applications using plasticizers for workability and moisture retention:

  • Superior board life
  • Excellent workability
  • Improved pumpability
  • Cohesive nature

What are the Differences Between Plastic Cement & Portland Cement?

Both Ordinary Portland cement and Plastic cement are manufactured using the same II- clinker but there are major differences from there…

  • Different ASTM Standards
    • Type II-V cement is an ASTM C150 Standard Specification for Portland Cement
    • Plastic cement is an ASTM C1328 Standard Specification for Plastic (Stucco) Cement
  • Type II-V Cement
    • Designed for use with coarse and fine aggregates for use in concrete
    • Meets ACI 318 Building Requirements for Structural Concrete
    • General use and meets moderate and high sulfate resistance
  • Plastic Cement
    • Low strength application
    • Designed for use with plaster sand
    • High water/cement ratio
    • Used for more workable and cohesive application
    • Freeze/thaw resistant
    • High limestone addition
    • High entrained air content


Some of the product applications include:

  • Plaster and stucco applications
  • Packaged plaster and finish-coat stucco products.


Plastic cement is intended solely for use in Portland Cement - Based Plaster and stucco applications.

For precise product application it is important to refer to the project specifications.

Contact with cement (including un-hardened concrete, mortar, wet cement, or cement admixtures) can cause skin irritation, severe chemical burns, or serious eye damage. Avoid contact with eyes and skin. Seek immediate medical attention if you have persistent or severe discomfort. In case of eye contact, flush with plenty of water for at least 15 minutes. Consult a physician immediately.

For other precautions please refer to the CalPortland Portland Cement SOS Report.

Quality and Standards

Established in 1891, CalPortland is proudly advancing into its second century of providing unsurpassed quality, with a full product line of superior performing cement products and solutions for your greatest construction challenges.

From our state-of-the-art cement production facilities we manufacture products using only high quality raw materials and strict quality control procedures. CalPortland is recognized as the leader in quality cement production and innovation.

Plastic Cement confirms the ASTM C1328 standard specification for Plastic (Stucco cement).

Manufacturer & Availability


Calportland Company

10655 W. Park Run Drive

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Plastic cement is available in bulk quantities at:

Oro Grande Cement Plant

14909 National Trails Highway

Oro Grande, CA 92368

Stockton West Cement Terminal

2825 W. Washington

Stockton, CA 95203

Sacked products are available through select building materials suppliers.

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