Seattle Aggregate Yard

4002 West Marginal Way S.W.,
Seattle, WA 98106

  • Sales: (206) 450-5920
  • Scale House: (206) 938-6761

Approvals: Washington State DOT , multiple sources


The CalPortland Seattle Aggregate Yard stocks a wide selection of aggregates meeting City of Seattle Specifications as well as WSDOT Specifications. Our location provides convenient access to projects in Seattle and surrounding areas. We can arrange for delivery to your project or you may pick up what you need in your own truck.

Products & Services

Gravel Borrow
Quarry Spalls
1 Man to 3 Man Rockery Rock
Washed Sands (City of Seattle Type 7)
Washed Gravels (City of Seattle Types 26, 4, 9 and 22)
5/8" Minus Quarry Rock (City of Seattle Type 1, CSTC)
1-1/4" Minus Quarry Rock (City of Seattle Type 2, CSBC)

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