Seattle, WA April 9, 2015 – If you have ever watched a professional football game, or even heard of the NFL “Super Bowl” for the past several years then you most likely have heard of the “12th Man” phenomenon surrounding the Seattle Seahawks fan base. The “12th Man” depicts the added strength from an imaginary twelfth player on the field based solely on the effect of the thunderous roar created by the Seahawks fans in the stadium. Once you have attended a game or witnessed the phenomenon on television, it is easy to understand how the “12th Man” provides additional support as if from having an extra player on the field.

Throughout Seattle you can see thousands of flags displaying the number “12” in Seahawks colors with great pride. A closer look shows that the field on the flag seems to resemble the same blue as is on CalPortland mixer and aggregate trucks operating in the region.

Recently, members of the Duwamish workforce pooled their resources and collected money to purchase a large 12th Man flag to proudly fly at the facility. They successfully purchased the flag, which now flies proudly above the batch tower and realized due to the overwhelming support from their coworkers, there would be funds left over.

Trea Baldridge and Matt Skarback, part of the CalPortland Duwamish team, suggested those funds be contributed to the Seattle Children’s Hospital Uncompensated Care Fund. And most assuredly they were applied in the manner in which the Duwamish team had hoped.

A recent letter from Children’s Hospital to Trea read; “When our son’s insurance ran out, I panicked and called Seattle Children’s Hospital to cancel all of our appointments, explaining I’d reschedule when we could figure out how to pay. I am eternally grateful that we don’t have to choose between paying our mortgage and getting the care we need to control his seizures.”

It is with great pride that we thank Trea, Matt and all of the CalPortland Duwamish “12th Man” team for their outstanding consideration of others and what it means to care about the people in our community.