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Over the years, CalPortland Construction has grown to become a major player on the Central Coast of California. Its main focus has become major highway overlays and new construction projects for Caltrans. In recent years we have constructed nearly 250,000 tons of asphalt per year.

Projects for Caltrans range from as large as 125,000 tons of asphalt while smaller county, city and private projects vary in size. CalPortland Construction is also no stranger to earthwork and trucking, performing dirt moving projects that have involved 500,000 cubic yards of material. We have also expanded into site work for housing tracts and commercial sites.

Whether it involves building a vineyard road, paving a private road, building a major housing tract, overlaying a major section of highway or constructing a new section of highway, no job is too big or too small for CalPortland Construction.

CalPortland Construction is regionally located in Santa Maria, CA serving the greater California Central Coast region.


On many construction sites, the truck chute concrete cannot always reach where the concrete needs to be placed. Some slabs have reinforcing steel or other objects that mixers cannot drive over. For many contractors, pumping saves so much labor that it is the only way to place concrete. In these cases, pumping is a very efficient and reliable means of placing concrete, which makes it economical as well.

CalPortland offers concrete pumping services in Southwest Washington and Oregon. We operate seven high quality Schwing pumps; five 32 meter booms, one 39 meter, and one 40 meter pump. CalPortland pump operators are experienced and certified by the American Concrete Pumping Association. To add value and increase efficiency for contractors, CalPortland pumping service works as a team with concrete dispatchers, mixer drivers, and the sales staff.


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