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CalPortland produces high quality ready mixed concrete in all regional locations. Our products are designed for optimal performance for whatever your application requires.
 Standard Concrete DesignWe provide a full line of standard concrete designs for private and public works construction. Please consult with one of our many highly trained concrete professionals about your specific design requirements. We can provide a solution to your construction challenges with our expertise and complete laboratory capabilities.
 Architectural and Decorative Concrete DesignCalPortland also provides architectural and decorative concrete for aesthetic applications with high technical or color matching requirements. We are capable of providing complete color services as well as other highly technical finishes for stamped concrete and design for environmental and architectural requirements.
 Specialty Concrete DesignWe provide a full line of specialty concretes as solutions to your toughest design requirements. Whether you require:
  • pervious concrete
  • self consolidating
  • high strength
  • flowable fill
  • lightweight
  • reduced shrinkage
  • white topping or ultra-thin whitetopping
  • accelerated or reduced setting
  • fiber reinforced
  • water proofing
  • concrete for sustainable development
Cal Portland can provide these products and our superior technical service to provide a solution for your construction challenge.